Welcome to the “Shichu-Suimei” or “Four Pillars of Destiny” world

This is the guide web site of the school of “Four Pillars of Destiny”, known as “Shichu-Suimei” in Japanese.

Shichu-Suimei is originally a Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birthday year, month , day and hour.

The reasoning method of Shichu-Suimei is based on the chart which consists of his or her own sexagenary cycle characters each individual has by nature.

We have experienced so far many real-life case studies and interviews with people from all walks of life, and offered solutions for how to live in harmony with yourself and with those around you.

Shichu-Suimei makes you fully understand “This reasoning is convincing”.

Let’s study how to reason flow of fortune!

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